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Local Partner

We are a local partner with strong ability to identify, analyze and perform investment projects.


We have strong network capabilities, within various sectors of the economy, along with strong technical skills for evaluation, analysis and recommendation.

Private Equity

We have investment experience in very different business areas.


We have a team with long experience and knowledge in Wealth Management and Private Equity.

The company

We are an Advisory Company founded in 2013 that generates, implements and executes investment opportunities for institutional investors, family offices and High Net Worth Individuals.

We have strong networking capabilities in the Portuguese corporate and financial sectors and long-time experience in both alternative investments (private equity, hedge funds and real estate projects ) and traditional assets.


B4A’s team has an extensive network of contacts in different areas and geographies built around the more than 60 years of combined working careers. By leveraging on those contacts, a significant number of potential deals flow through the company. After a thorough analysis on the merits of each, we then choose the ones that best suit our capabilities, knowledge and experience to promote within our client base. If a solid case is built around one of the identified opportunities, B4A then proceeds to structure, implement and execute the underlying business case. The company (or its associates) usually participates in the projects it promotes. In the last decade, a solid knowledge base in structuring and implementing international real estate deals has been one of the main drivers of our advisory activity.

A long list of past and actual clients has allowed us to build strong and lasting relationships. B4A promotes the selected projects within this network. Both national and international investors tend to listen carefully to the identified investment cases and usually participate in the initial equity necessary to implement them.

A team is then selected to implement and execute the selected projects. A close link to local leading universities and the relations built along the team’s working careers allow us to quickly identify the best people suited for each project.

B4A works as an advisor of the incorporated company set up to develop the project and has a close relationship with the chosen team as well as with the main counterparties. As an advisor B4A supervises the project management but the on hands day to day decisions are left to the chosen team. Reports are produced on a quarterly basis with detailed information on the company’s development provided to all investors.

The Team

João Paulo Lopes Raimundo

From 1999 to 2013 he was one of the founding partners and CEO of a group of companies with AUM above USD 1 billion, active in the alternative investment spectrum, namely through: (i) a partnership with Financial Risk Management (one of the largest international fund of Hedge Funds managers based in London); (ii) a real estate fund management company active in managing portfolios of real estate assets and; (iii) JP Capital Management, an asset management company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, targeting HNWI.

Before that, he launched the “Private Banking “ unit of Deutsche Bank in Portugal and was a board member of a private bank in Lisbon. At the beginning of his career, he worked for BCI, a Portuguese retail bank and was thereafter appointed to the Board of SFIR, a private equity firm.

João Paulo Lopes Raimundo holds a degree in Management and Business Administration from Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and an MBA from Nova SBE.

António Vieira de Almeida

In the real estate area he and his family launched two real estate funds that deal primarily with office and commercial property in Portugal. Before that he was a board member of Imotécnica S.A. where he was responsible for the development of 30 000sqm residential property and 20 000 sqm of office space.

In the consumer goods industry, Antonio’s family holding company is the largest private shareholder of the operation of the ice cream brand Häagen Dazs in Portugal and was also a main shareholder of the Häagen Dazs operation in Brazil from 1998 to 2004. In the energy sector, Antonio was involved in the development of PV Solar Parks in Portugal and Spain together with ENOVOS of Luxembourg (the Luxembourg State Owned Energy Company) and the largest European private foundation – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Antonio worked as a Private Banker in Luxembourg at Kredietbank and then moved into investment banking working at Deutsche Bank in Lisbon, London and Frankfurt.

Antonio holds a Business Administration Degree from Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and completed an MBA at Boston University in Boston, MA, USA.

Sofia Rocha

From 1993 up to this date, Sofia is also a teacher at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, where she lectures Budgeting and Management Control. From 2001 until 2013 she was  manager at Grow Investments, with responsibilities in the following areas (i) relation with Institutional Clients regarding their investment in hedge funds via FRM managed funds and (ii) since 2006, for the discretionary portfolio management of HNWI’s and Family Offices. From 1996 to 2001, Sofia held a position in a private bank in Lisbon where she was part of the fixed income proprietary trading team. She started her career at ESAF – Espirito Santo Activos Financeiros -  in 1993 working in the fixed income fund team. Sofia holds a degree in management and business administration from Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and an MBA degree from the same university.

Fernada Zacarias

She is responsible for monitoring the daily operations of the company as well as the compliance area. Previously, from 1999 to 2013, she worked and Grow Investments where she also headed the middle office and operational area. She holds a degree in Hotel Management from Universidade Internacional de Lisboa.


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